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Don’t Leave Your Red Cross Club in Shambles – Hold Some Elections!


All Clubs are expected to elect new Officers by April 29th! This allows the outgoing Officers to mentor and explain responsibilities to new Officers.

How To Hold Elections

  1. Promote the date of elections at least 1 month in advance so all interested students are in attendance on election day!
  2. Allow candidates to present a short speech explaining how they will fulfill the responsibilities of the officer position.
  3. Allow group to vote anonymously.  Tally of votes should not be made public.
  4. Announce the winners!
  5. Record contact information on Annual Club Election Form.  One copy goes to Advisor ( & one copy stays with Club.

You’re Not Done Yet…

New Officer should be your sidekick for the remainder of the school year. Outgoing officers should mentor new officers in meeting planning and facilitation. New Officers are not an excuse for outgoing Officers to not attend meetings! This is an opportunity to build a strong core of leadership for next year.

Explain your weekly duties and review any forms etc. that are your responsibility.

Encourage new Officers to arrange an Officer’s meeting before the end of the school year to make plans for next year. Outgoing Officers should be in attendance to provide guidance.


Dos Pueblos Red Cross Club Japan Fundraiser and Informational Flyer


The Dos Pueblos Red Cross Club has decided to have a bake sale in order to raise money to help those in Japan who were affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

The bake sale is on Tuesday, March 22, from 5-7 pm in front of the Trader Joe’s in Calle Real. We’ll be selling a variety of sweets for donations of $2. It would be great if other Red Cross club members from across the county could drop by.

We also created an informational flyer about the crisis and what the Red Cross has been doing in response, and we’ll be handing this flyer out at our bake sale. I uploaded it to the blog as well in case any other clubs would like to use it.

This is the flyer:

Updated Red Cross Informational Flyer for Japan

Thanks and I hope to see you at the bake sale!

– Connie W.

UPDATE: 3/22/2011: We had our bake sale today and it was a huge success! We ended up raising $311 for Japan. Special thanks to Kaleena for helping us bake, set up the table, and run the table.

SYVUHS Red Cross Youth Takes Action!


I heard that some of you were out of fundraising ideas so here’s an update of what we’re doing over in Santa Ynez.

1) At school we will be placing donation jars in all of the English classrooms, because everybody takes an English class. We decided not to have a class competition, however that is always an option.  The jars are just old coffee cans with labels on them.  We will also be placing some in the cafeteria.

2) Our school does not allow us to have bake sales, so instead we will be having one at our local Farmer’s Market.  Last year we had a booth for Haiti Relief, however we were not selling anything.  This year everyone is going to bring sweets to sell.  I will also have a donation jar and information about the disaster available.

3) We’re getting local businesses involved.  Many of the members of our club have parents who own salons or stores in the valley, so donation jars will be placed in the stores that are willing to participate.

4) We’re teaming up with another group at our school and having a car wash.  We’re pre-selling tickets to people planning on attending, and then …well, washing their cars next Friday.  We’re going to split the profits 50/50.

100% of what we make will be going to Japan.  Our goal is to reach $500!

I hope this initiates some fundraisers or inspires something,

Best of luck to all of you!

-Suvra M.

Red Cross Youth – Help Japan


Delta Airline passengers take shelter inside the Taiyo Community Center here March 11. American Red Cross volunteers provided blankets, pillows, food and water for aircraft passengers whose planes were diverted from Narita International Airport, Tokyo, Japan, following an earthquake near Tokyo.

Many of you have expressed concern for Japan and wondered how you can assist the Red Cross relief efforts.  The Japanese Red Cross has deployed 11 National Disaster Response Teams to conduct assessments, provide healthcare and first aid and plan for the relief supplies distribution.  At this time, the Japanese Red Cross has not made  request for human resource assistance, but you can help people affected by disasters by making a donation to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief fund.  Your gift enables the Red Cross to prepare for and provide shelter, food, emotional support and other assistance in response to disasters.

If your Club is interested in raising funds for the Japan Disaster Relief effort, here are some tips for a successful fundraiser:

  • Your cost should never be higher then your profit; the more complicated the fundraiser, the higher the costs and the more time you need to plan. Plan a simple fundraiser that has low overhead but high impact! If you have a great fundraiser idea, please post it in the comments! (Check out the Best Practices guide for more fundraiser ideas)
  • If hosting a fundraiser on your campus, it is important to check with administration on what policies or paperwork might be necessary. If the fundraiser is hosted off campus, it is important to check with the property owner to ensure they support your event and you are following their policies.
  • Be sure to have information and signs/flyers that explain where the funds are going; we want to always honor donor intent. If your Club will be donating the money to another Red Cross program, it is important donors are aware.
  • Keep in touch with the Red Cross regularly during your fundraiser so we send you the most up to date information on the Red Cross efforts during the emergency.  This will guide you when answering questions from the community.
  • Consider partnering with other Red Cross Clubs in your area to plan a joint fundraiser. This will give you more resources and allow you to reach a larger audience.  Post a comment if you want to partner with another Club!
  • If people want to donate via check, be sure they write Japanese Disaster in the memo line to designate their donation.
  • If people want to donate via credit/debit card, they can call 1-800-RED-CROSS.
  • If people want to donate electronically, they can visit
  • All cash and checks collected by a fundraiser should be turned into the Red Cross office in a timely manner. If large amounts of change are collected, ideally the Club would exchange the change for bills, but absolutely must count all money before turning into the Red Cross office. Any money turned into the Red Cross office must be accompanied by a Donation Form. Money without a donation form will not be accepted until the from is complete. (Donation Form)

If you have any questions or need assistance with your fundraiser, contact Club Advisor, Lauren Ward, at  You can also post  your questions or ideas in the comments and Lauren will respond.