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H to the Honor Clubs!


Where's my Honor Club Award?

Through the excellent leadership and guidance of San Marcos Club President, Manpreet, fellow Officers, Courtney, Kelsey and Lindsey, have helped create an enthusiastic successful Red Cross Club!

Meetings are productive and efficient and this shows Club Members their time is valued. Club Leadership includes their members in decisions making and host active meetings with members brainstorming on upcoming project ideas, creating publicity materials or working in committees.

This semester, the San Marcos Club hosted its second annual Malaria No More Teacher vs. Senior basketball game. Coaches, players, referees, announcers and fans were recruited. The Club raised almost $400 for Malaria No More in one night!

San Marcos Officers were also members of the Global Youth Service Day Planning Committee and with the assistance of Santa Barbara Club Officers, helped to organize and plan a beach clean up. Because of their organization, 30 students from Santa Barbara, UCSB, SBCC and San Marcos Clubs gave up their Saturday to help clean a local beach!

Thank you to Manpreet, Kelsey, Courtney, Lindsey and all the San Marcos Club Members for making this an awesome Red Cross year!

Super Man's Got Nothing on You!

The Righetti Club has been a rocking representative of the American Red Cross for the duration of the school year.

The members have participated in many major Community Events such as Las Fiestas Patrias, Grapes and Grains Festival, and the Santa Maria Parade of Lights. They are also active on the fundraising front as well by helping with the Fall/Spring Club Days, selling candy grams for Chile, and leading a Christmas Basket Raffle.

There were members present at all Leadership Trainings; which insures they have a solid foundation to help them achieve as a Club.

With so many great accomplishments, they have a lot to be proud of.  The Righetti High School Club will certainly continue to rock and roll in the future!

Run for the Red


Plus 3 will have a tent at the weekly Santa Barbara 5k race Nite Moves and will be promoting the relationship between our Chapter and Running Warehouse!

What does this mean to you?

1) We will be getting exposure to a few hundred people EVERY WEEK!

2) These people can sign up for Plus 3 – – and log their weekly Nite Moves race to get us to our $5,000 fundraising goal faster!

3)  Since Clubs take a hiatus during the summer, this is a fun and easy way to support your Chapter!  Create a team of friends and family to run one week and raise some funds!

If you need advice on appropriate work out attire, feel free to let me know.  You might have noticed from previous posts that I’m a pretty snazzy aerobics dresser and on the cutting edge of style. Some might call me a work out hipster.