Masters of Disaster (MOD)


MOD Presenters

Masters of Disaster teaches children grades k – 8 how to prepare, respond, and recover from disasters and explains the science behind emergencies. After a presentation, Masters of Disaster graduates teach their families at home these life-saving disaster preparedness skills.

But the program has benefits for the presenter too! What is a better way to serve your community than to give critical, life saving information to its youngest citizens? Come to a Masters of Disaster presentation to see what all the fuss is about; you won’t regret it. Contact or for more information!

Masters of Disaster Program Re-Vamped!

The Masters of Disaster program has introduced a new set of curriculum tools in the form of visual models and interactive posters. In the next few months, the AmeriCorps MOD Coordinators will be leaving the Chapter and we need your help to keep the program alive!

Check out examples of the new material: MOD Posters.

2009 Safe Kids

If you would like to get involved with the program, there is an upcoming training that will introduce all our new materials. You should attend even if you are already a presenter so you can see what we have created and changed! Next trainings March 23rd from 10am – 12pm or March 27th from 12 – 2pm.  RSVP to Karyn to join;


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