Adventures of Red Cross Super Heroes


Recently, there occurred a gathering not seen since the days of the Justice League…that’s right…I’m talking about Red Cross Clubs across the county joining forces at Leadership Training!

With super-human powers, these high school students defeated the dreaded Public Speaking enemy. Veteran Club Red Delegates transformed into mentors and shared their Public Speaking prowess with peers.  Through only the strength of their words, Club Members managed to sell seemingly worthless items to the entranced audience.

The breath-taking feats did not stop there. Led by the hilarity and genius of Monty Python, these titans of strength learned the power of Conflict Resolution. Now armed with knowledge, our heroes can confront conflict with confidence and maturity.

The next obstacle tackled was the deceivingly simplistic Goal Setting. We know our super heroes want to save the word, but how? Set some SMART goals!

S – Specific M – Measurable A – Attainable R – Realistic T – Timely

With the powers of Conflict Resolution, Public Speaking and Goal Setting, our superheroes are ready to set out on another Red Cross adventure!

All those heroes unable to attend the Leadership Training have no fear! Mark your calendars for January 14th from 4 – 7pm and meet us in Santa Barbara (2707 State St.) or Santa Maria (3030 Skyway Dr.) for another daring adventure!

What did the Super Heroes have to say?

I learned a lot of useful tips for resolving conflicts and gained valuable experience as a public speaker. – Katie –

The training program provided the Club with an opportunity to interact with the neighboring Clubs and find out what plans they have for the future! – Sam –

This was a really great experience and I feel that it will really help our Club be the best it can be.  Actually no because that sounds extremely cliché. – Kesley –

This leadership training was great!  Candy, pizza, and selling strange objects?  Five stars. – Vanessa –

Leadership training was both fun and informative.  I liked watching a Monty Python sketch about conflict and performing skits about public speaking. – Christina –

Managing conflict lecture was great, because it is the fundamental thing to know to organize people well. – Shoko –

The leadership training was fun, interesting and awesome because it helped you with so many different topics. – Courtney –

The leadership training was very helpful because I got to practice Public Speaking by teaching it. – Manpreet –

I had fun meeting new people and doing different activities to help my leadership and public speaking skills.  I really enjoyed the activity of public speaking. – Lindsey –

Wonderful experience with lots of awesome training! – Inhye –

The training was great for the high school and college clubs to interact with one another. – Ashleigh –

I liked the leadership training because it taught us how to resolve issues and be more confident. – Sydney

The leadership training taught me how to be a better listener and problem solver.  It was also a great way to unite the high school students with college students. – Rita –

Pizza was great, people were friendly, and I learned lots of new skills to help my public speaking skills!  I had a great time and met lots of cool people! – Caleb –

It was fun and interactive way to meet new people who are also involved with the Red Cross and learn about what they are doing. – Megha –

The Leadership Training was very informative, hands-on and engaging; all the activities were beneficial. – Helen –


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