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Youth in Disasters


IMG_0495Santa Barbara has suffered three major wildfires during the past year or so and our Chapter sheltered, fed and comforted almost 1,600 community members affected by those disasters.  Red Cross Youth donated their time and talents to assist with our relief efforts.

Unfortunately, our Youth have stumbled across road blocks.  If there isn’t a willing parent or guardian to supervise, some Youth are unable to Volunteer during emergencies.  There are also limited tasks Youth can do to help the Red Cross during emergencies. 

We are forming a committee to address these issues.  Disaster Volunteers and Youth serving on this committee will create a program that will effectively and meaningfully involve Youth during local disasters. We will be selecting Youth members to serve on the committee, so let me know if you are interested.  The first committee meeting will take place on October 28th at 5:30 pm at the Chapter. 

Make sure you take the survey!  The results will help this new committee with discussion and decision making.Jesusita Fire 106  Please also be sure to post any personal Volunteer experiences during the recent fires or suggestions for the committee.  We have limited space on the committee, so even if you can’t be a member, your blog post can make a significant contribution! 

Take the SURVEY!




First Ever!


UCSB Red Cross Club

Welcome to the FIRST EVER American Red Cross, Santa Barbara County Chapter Youth Blog! The Youth Newsletter was great, but it was a one way street.

Red Cross Youth, Ink  lets you easily inform the world about the awesomeness that is Red Cross Youth!

You will voice your concerns and suggestions for our Youth Programs and we will use your feedback to improve our programs.

Red Cross Youth, Ink will also provide up to date and pertinent information in times of emergency.

This year we will blog about Youth in Disaster Services, Club Red, Safe Kids Day and Honor Clubs just to name a few. Our ultimate goal is to have a youth driven, run and managed blog. 

This is youth space so make it your own!